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Our Beach Ride & Bush Rides

St Andrew's Beach Ride

  • Ocean beach rideOur 'signature' ride and no riding experience is necessary to enjoy riding a horse to a beautiful ocean beach.  The ride takes 2 hours and has magnificent views from the high sand dunes looking down over the coastline.
  • The ride leaves our stables and heads along a sandy track for 45 minutes towards the beach climbing over lofty sand dunes and down onto a beautiful sandy beach where the horses often stroll in the rock protected ocean water.
  • Our Parks Victoria permit enables us to ride for 15 - 20 minutes along the beach and we believe that horse riding along the rugged St Andrews beach is simply breath-taking and one of life's 'must-do's'.
  • Weight Restrictions apply for people between 90 - 100 kg and will depend on horse availablility so please check when booking. People weighing over 100kg (220 lbs) generally cannot ride with Gunnamatta Trail Rides.
  • The minimum age for this ride is 10 years


Beach Ride with Peninsula Hot Springs Bathing Pass

  • This combination is fast becoming one of our most popular rides.  Your day commences with our signature St Andrews Beach & Bush Ride and then after your ride, collect a day pass to the nearby Peninsula Hot Springs where you can relax in the exquiste natural hot spring pools.
  • If you haven't been to this amazing attraction, see it on-line at www.peninsulahotsprings.com  

Our Twilight St Andrew's Beach Ride

  • NOTE: Only available during the summer months (November - Early April)
    Our Twilight Beach Ride commences in the late afternoon as the day draws to an end. Enjoy our spectacular St Andrews Bush & Beach ride that starts 5pm and runs for approx 2 hours.
  • It is a peaceful time of the day and one of the more enjoyable times to ride. Riding in the cooler evening on those hot summer days is ideal and is very popular with couples. Limited numbers and subject to availability - best to book early!


Trueman's Bush Ride

  • This popular bush trail ride is a great introduction to horse riding. It gives you the experience of getting on and off a horse and riding one of these beautiful animals along a bushland track. It doesn't go to the beach. No previous experience is necessary.
  • The Trueman's Ride is a walk-only ride unless everyone in the group wishes to try some slow trotting. Our guides will show you the basics of riding before the ride commences.
  • The Truemans Bush Ride takes approx 50 minutes and suits people with limited time.


Green's Bush Ride

  • This ride only for very experienced riders who either own their own horse or ride regularly throughout the year.
  • It is a 3 hour ride that commences with a long walk to Green's Bush National Park where riders then canter for long stretches through the sandy tracks. 


The All Day Combination Ride

  • A total of nearly 5 hours in the saddle! Only for experienced riders.
  • The ride commences with the 3 hour Green's Bush ride in the morning and then after lunch it's off to the beach on our St Andrews Beach Ride. 

Private rides

  • For added privacy & enjoyment you may wish to choose a Private Ride where the only riders are your group. Ideal for couples, families and groups where the riding offered can be a little more flexible. There can only be a limited number of private rides per day so booking early is recommended and rides are subject to availability.


Riding Lessons

  • Experienced RidersOur Equestrian Centre offers a range of lessons and clinics.
  • Clinics and lessons for Western Horsemanship, Reining, Dressage, Cross-country and Show Jumping are run numerous times a year at Gunnamatta Trail Rides.
  • Call and ask to be added to our mailing list to get dates for these Clinics.


Our Special Kids Programs

  • Click on the Kids Activities link on our Home Page for ful details of these fun loving days.



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