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Restrictions & Riding Experience

  • For the safety of our customers and the health of our horses, we only allow each of our horses to carry appropriate weights and the limit for our biggest horses is 100kg, our smaller horses are limited to 90kg.
  • 4 - 6 hours a day of taking larger weights on a horse’s back in a sandy environment where sand gets under the saddle can cause horses to suffer painful bleeding sores (like a graze) and this can lead to unpredictable behaviour. For this reason we have restrictions on people weighing between 95 kg – 100 kg.
  • If you weigh over 90 kgs, please discuss your weight, height and riding experience with our receptionist at the time of booking to ensure that a suitable horse is available for your preferred day and time.
  • Experienced riders know how to ride in a way that protects the horses back and thus we need to know a customers riding experience. Height is also a significant factor as taller customers place less weight on the back of the saddle which is where the horse's back can be damaged.
  • PLEASE NOTE that our 75 horses all have a set maximum weight allowance and customers weighing over 90kg are usually weighed by our staff prior to riding to ensure we select an appropriate horse for them to ride.

 To assist us with horse allocation, all bookings are to indicate the following.

Rider weight ranges:

  • Up to 70 kg
  • 70 kg – 90 kg
  • 90kg – 100 kg
  • 100+ kg - It is most unlikely that these people can ride at Gunnamatta Trail Rides.
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